Muzea i Atrakcje w Krakowie

Main market square

The historical sites of interest in Krakow guide tourists along a route of elements that create the local charm. The Florentine Renaissance, Judeochristian traditions, and precious art are only a few of these elements.

The "main market square" within Old Town is a 10-acre parcel of splendid, Medieval and Rennaissance architecture. The Royal Wawel castle with its Flemish tapestries, the Barbican Arabic defensive structure, and Renaissance Cloth (shopping) hall are fine examples of trans-historical architecture. They not inspire photographs, but also are quite enjoyable tours.

"Old Synagogue" and "Wawel Cathedral"

One of the many interesting facts tourists learn is the prominence of religious communities in Krakow. Krakow folk mainly practice Catholicism and Judaism. The gothic, ‘Old Synagogue’ and `Wawel Cathedral` are major religious sites in all of Poland.

Ethnographic Museum of Kazimierz

The Ethnographic Museum of Kazimierz is an excellent companion to any museum or attraction visit. Ethnography, the “recording” of local people and customs, acquaints tourists with the basic background of Krakow culture.

The Collegium Maius

The"Collegium Maius" is among some of the more inconspicuous landmarks. It is the Jagiellonian University’s birthplace and the former academic residence of Copernicus.

Galicia Jewish Museum

The "Galicia Jewish Museum" What this museum does so successfully is retain the memory of the thousands who lived and died here during the Nazi holocaust. The collection recounts their stories in vivid and personal detail.

It shows how many tried to resist their fate, and how that resistance came in smaller or greater measures. It also talks of their internal squabbles and conflicts - sometimes we perhaps forget that these were ordinary individuals with human strengths and weaknesses, not just a homogenous unit of suffering.

The museum also tries to show a little of Jewish life after the Holocaust in Poland, and how this has been precarious and sometimes approached with limited sympathy.

The Alchemia

The "Alchemia" Plac Nowy has a whole range of activities and functions. On Saturdays there is an antique’ market; on Sundays a flee-market. On Tuesdays and Fridays, they also sell pigeons. In the evenings there are theater performances and, during the summer, they have concerts ‘on the roof’.